Akira kun

boku no monogatari
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2005-05-11 12:50:03 (UTC)

bye Japan/ Hello Pinas

OHH... after 14 years in Jap. I`m now 2 weeks here in
Pinas,.. Wow. ala ngang kita, dami namang gastos, !! Its
really a big adjustments for me, many things changes, I
cant even recognize peoples face, who`s my neighbor,
who`s my friends, my relatives, even the streets or
places I usually going before, wow , this is interesting,
I feel like a stranger in my own country, but I can do
things better by myself, I should learn everything here as
my new life, Now , I`m with my kids, they are all really
great, I`m learning from them,I`m their Dad, but I`m
always asking them many thing I do not know, how to get
to, how much is the...., how can I do this, bla bla
bla.. . I cant say I`m happy now, since their mom is
still far working abroad. I`m happy bcoz, I`m with my
kids, I`m in my own house. ., every body is here, except
money but expenses...I`m proud ,I , my family surviving,

Thanks God....

akira kun

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