Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-05-11 09:54:32 (UTC)

i like dreaming

my day began on a high note today. i woke after the best
nights sleep i have had in over a week. my sleep was also
full of dreams. i dreamt of my Master which left me both
wet and stimulated this morning. all day i thought back to
the dream i woke on this morning.

i dreamt my Master ordered me to strip for Him then to go
lie on my back on His bed & wait for Him. He came in,
didnt say a word, roughly grabbed my arms then tied them
above my head, then tied my legs apart to the bedfoot. He
then blindfolded me. He left me alone, then i could hear
Him return. i felt His hand strike my pussy but before i
could react He forced Himself hard and fast into me. it was
with such power and so much force that i gasped but i was
so wet. Master thrust so wildly. He spoke to me in a low
calm voice. "you know you must beg to cum, my little whore".
"yes Master". the harder Masater fucked me the more
aroused i became. Master teeth bit down on my right breast
then He dragged his teeth to my left breast where he bit it
hard. His breath was so hot on my skin. the pleasure was
rising fast. "Master may i please cum now for You" "No
slave" "Master please i beg of You to permit me to cum
now" "Yes slave Now CUM" my body shook and grew rigid.

it was at this point i awoke. for a brief moment i looked
for Master then realised it was all a dream. i was wet and
my face felt hot and my ear still hurt. what a day i
had :). work passed easily and i even managed to talk to
Master on the phone for a short while which was a perfect
end to a perfect day.

Master Joels collared slave jess

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