Autum's Leaves
2005-05-11 02:28:39 (UTC)

Comic Timing

If there was anything I knew about life, it was that
life has an awful sense of humor, and the jokes always on

It's been really great dancing with the Kid, but his
girlfriend keeps calling in the middle of dance numbers.

I've got to see who my really supportive friends are,
but had to go through this awful ordeal to do it.

I have some fair costumes, and now I have no money.

The musical is great, but Hypocrisy Queen has a better
part than me and she can't sing worth crap.

Honestly, things are cool, I'm just tired and kind of
ready to go to bed, but not and having to go to school and
not wanting to at all. Not only that but I got two
detentions for skipping AP Euro. I never thought that
teacher could be such a dick.

Senioritis is killing is crazy...time to
watch some Pirates of the Caribbean (I had to take Blade
Trinity back to Blockbuster or else I would totally be
watching that).