Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-05-11 02:09:13 (UTC)


Some funny things:

An excerpt from a book my grandmother gave my parents two
months before the were married for Valentines Day 1979...

For Girls Only

You want to be attractive
And enjoy yourself while young,
You want to be admired
And have your praises sung,
And all of this is natural
And ordained by God above
For God made man and woman
To experience Sex and Love -
But never try to prove your love
Without a wedding ring,
And never deal in "Free Love"
For There Is No Such Thing -
For "Free Love" is a sales pitch,
It's a game you cannot win,
The best gambler is a loser
When you play around with sin -
So do not risk your chances
For a long and happy life,
Alife of true fulfillment
That's known only to a wife -
For regardless of society
And the morals they disparage,
Nothing in the world can take
The place of Love and Marriage
- Helen Steiner Rice

HAHAHA I laughed so hard, but then I was kinda sad. Why was
it for girls only; if was wrong for girls why wasn't wrong
for guys? Way to go with double standards! Anyway.... if
you knew my grandmother, this poem would make you crack up.
She had my dad when she was a baby herself, and suggests to
my mother that I (me of all people) need to invest in birth
control.... she only said that after she met Jon. HAHAHA.

Another thing.... I hate it when my mother gets this stuck
in my head. It's a chant that she had to learn in grade
school in P.E. which of course was not co-ed at the time.

We must, we must, we must develop a bust.
The bigger the better. The tighter the sweater.
The boys are all counting on us.

HAHAHA! also very funny. Way to combat feminism through
schooling... YAY!!!

I miss all of you very much, but right now I'm loving being
home. I spent all day on sunday in a world of bliss fishing
in ponds, tramping through the woods, riding fourwheelers
spotting deer, showing my grandpa I had retained the
knowledge he had given me on trees and plants.The whole
world seems to be in its most vivid colors, as if she were
trying to catch a boy's eye. If only I had an ounce of
God's artistic talent. It's beyond beautiful.

We found a box full of old pictures while cleaning out the
basement. Most of them are from my childhood. Wow! I am
ashamed of how much of a ham I was. I hope the pictures my
friends parents don't have me looking like the little ham
that I am in all of my parents pictures. What fun
blackmail they could have of me. if any of you wonder why
I have no sex appeal now, its becasue I used it all up as a
child when I didn't understand it. They're funny. Some of
them are quite prophetic. There's one of me as a baby
sitting in the floor beating on one of those xylophone
thingys. There's tons of me singing big woop. Gosh, I
can't remember what the other one was that was amazingly
prophetic. There are lots of me being really excited over
educational toys as opposed to dolls or something. I
dunno. I was a cute kid, but a very ugly baby with my big
birthmark. Ha!

I miss you. Please call me. I'm going to be lonely.

Wisdom teeth come out tomorrow. Yikes!

final thought: "In Your love I find release from the
chains of my unbelief. Take my life and let it be a living
prayer my God to thee."

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