Soul Flares
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2005-05-10 22:26:57 (UTC)

Her Boyfriend is a butthead

Tom is being SUCH an ass. I don't really care for him, but
as long as Cori was happy I didn't mind them being together.
Even if that wasn't the case though, his currant behaivor is
unexceptable. I would have chewed him out if it had found
out and still been able too. Apperently after lunch Tom just
stopped talking to Cori, and avioding her, he wouldn't even
look at her! He acts all pissed and when she tried to find
out what was wrong he pulled away from her. He's just being
such an ass, if he cares about her at all he should TRY to
work it out, not run off. He's WAYYYY to sensitive. On top
of that Cori was near tears because of it a couple times. My
poor Cori! I love her to bits, and when my friends are sad,
how can I be happy? It's not like I can do anything about it
though, I mean I can yell my lungs out at him, but even then
no hug I give Cori or words I tell her will make her feel
better. I wish I knew the magic words that could. She's my
best friend, and my friends are everything to me. If I had
known durring Math, I would have gone right on up to him and
given him a piece of my mind, I would have told him that he
needs to grow up, that Cori's supposed to be his girlfriend
not his babysitter and that he needs to suck it up. At least
TELL HER what the fuck is wrong with him instead of brooding
around and making Cori sad. God help him, and her.

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