slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-05-11 08:17:07 (UTC)

subdiary 10-05-05

i cant stand the pain and the unstable feelings my cold and
ears are causing me. i made another doctors appointment for
today. the doctor has informed me that my outter ear
infection is fine now so no need for eardrops anymore. but
mu inner ear infection has gotten worse so she has put me
onto stronger antibiotics and some really strong
painkillers that should give me a good nights sleep. i am
looking forward to that as i havent really slept soundly in
over a week. my whole body is feeling the effects. i am so
tired and i am becoming unbarable to live with.

my roomies are actually avoiding me, but they are still
wanting me to cook and clean for them. one is also sick as
well so i dont mind doing it for him. the others are
pushing my patience.

i was able to chat to Master today and Wwe had a great
talk. He is getting His stuff sorted for His move,
cleaning out old clothes for goodwill etc. He seems rather
happy. this week is a big one for Him some important
things are happening and i hope they all work out for Him
the way He wants.

Master has sent me some postcards. i got another one
yesterday. i like getting them as i can show them off to my
family as He keeps the comments very vanilla for this
purpose. He has told me He is sending something not so
vanilla in the post soon. i am all excited by this. He
wanted it to be a surprise but i feel Master cant keep a
secret very well. :) or else he just likes to tease me with
promises to come.

slave jess {MJ}