Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-05-10 21:12:23 (UTC)

Alone On My B-day - AW

Happy b-day to me..
I'm just about the only person that's saying it that
doesn't mean it..
I turned 19 today.. and I'll be spending the day just like
any other.. no barhopping.. no going out for any reason..
just nothing..
David left this morning at about 5 to go to work 4 and a
half hours away.. hopefully he'll be back tomorrow or the
next day.. The first time he goes out of town for work and
it just happens to be on my b-day. I know I get to see him
every day and I shouldn't be complaining but today I just
don't want to be alone..
I think I'm going to get drunk.. sad isn't it.. drinking
alone on my 19th b-day..

-Angel Wings

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