Mia, the complainer
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2005-05-10 20:59:23 (UTC)

weird power outage day

Stayed home from school today b/c I was so sick and tired,
and partially because I just didn't want to go. (tee-hee)
I did some hw in the morning, but kept getting really
confused b/c I was so out of it...grrr.
Our power went out in the afternoon and I got really pissed
off b/c that meant our fax wasn't working and Mr. Walsh
couldn't send me the math test and now I have to take it
I took a nap, got up and watched some t.v. and now I have
to get ready for acting class. I missed it last week so I
really have to go tonight.

Today's Breakdown:

1/2 cup milk 65
3 strawberries 21
1 cup strawberry yogurt 110

cereal bar 140
sugarfree jello 10
2 pieces whole weat bread 140
2 tbsp applebutter 50
4 mini crabcakes 160
1/2 medium potato 50
2 pieces watermelon 35
2 pieces gum 5
1 minute maid light mango tropical 10

Total: 796.... We'll say 800 just in case.
I dunno, I feel like I could have easily eaten less.
well, I g2g my chikititas

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