Anne Frank to Bridget Jones
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2005-05-10 20:05:44 (UTC)

my looking glass half empty

Do you ever feel like youre losing yourself? Like your soul
is evaporating and youre only left with the residual muck
that youve tried so hard to dilute? Like a cancer wrapping
around your heart and creeping through your system like
ivy. And you feel like you could give up everything right
here, right now, at the drop of a hat. Why? Why not?
Sometimes simply existing is quite enough to deal with.

This page has an expiration date of four days. Then I know
in a few days I will be my usual self again. At least I
think I know. The real challenge is to no do anything
impulsive that I might regret later. God, Im such a
psychopath. But I think it might get better with age. When
I look at life, it doesnt seem to be the greatest teacher
of patience, but that seems to be the way it goes. I know
that I will never be able to fully escape this malady,
whatever it is. Im an artist, after all, and we all know we
are absolutely neurotic.

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