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2005-05-10 19:44:30 (UTC)


ok i cant type much right now i have to go cut the yard..
today was slow!.. i woke up with a semi sore throat its
from catt.. she sick but wont ammet to it.. all well
hehe.. u no its a good thing she was there at lunch and
calmed me down because i was ready to blow up on this ass
hole.. some kid i dont even know. i guess his name is
travis.. ok ill tell you the story.. i was in the drafting
room for remediation. and travis was sitting were i need 2
sit because mr. woolever is a dick head. so he had to
move.. and then catlin said something 2 him and pointed 2
me and i looked at me. and cattlin didnt catch it. but
he's like WTF u lookin at.. and im like nothing much. and
he said some thing like go fuck the computer u fuckin
faggot.. and im like WHAT!! i was pissed!! i told him i
dont get off like he does.. i cant fuck a computer.. and i
tried to get him 2 start shit... but he just a punk ass
bitch.. i seen him 2 other times 2day and i wanted to body
check him so bad!! cattlin told me just to blow it off..
but shit like that i cant let go.. i dont even no the kid
which pisses me off. because that means the kid doesnt
like me because im either new.. or because i hang out with
a different crowd... that pisses me the fuck off because
that shit just like VA.. i got jumped by 3 black dudes
because i was white.. and now some kid wants 2 talk shit..
dont talk shit wont be shit!! i wish cattlin could
understand i cant take that shit!! ive been raised in that
shit. and i have 2 much pride for my self to just bend
over and take it in the ass.. i rather fight. if i lose at
least i wasnt a pussy and tried. oh well.. all i no is im
glad catt was there.. because.. something bad would of
happened if she wasnt that kid would of been fucked up.
deh.. i tried 2 stop thinkin about it but i cant. grr.. lol

ok well i gotta go.. mom wants 2 go 2 the new house and
see if the phone works now.. .. write back later

LOVE YOU CATT! - your the best