ton o galaxy
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2005-05-10 06:09:13 (UTC)

yeah right

I woke up today too tired to even try to work out. It's my
goal to get back on track. Not like I need to really lose
weight or something, but I just like the way it makes me
feel. Okay I'm lying. Maybe a little weight. We have this
work camping trip coming up and I have this vision of me in
my bathing suit checking in all of my fellow campers. I
look good and everyone can't stop staring. The whole trip I
feel really confident. I do everything with my shirt off
and act like I don't even notice that I'm practially nude.
I guess you have to want to it bad enough. In a healthy way
of course. I'll have a good time no matter what. I remember
going on a school trip and always wishing I had more money
to blow on lunch and the gift shops. It's like that. Yeah,
like that.

It's raining again in S.F. I came up for air on the
B.A.R.T. and it was gray, but no rain and then three
seconds later it started to pour. This was no problem
because I had my trusty red umbrella. People were hiding
in doorways. Some were even walking oblivious to the rain
and I just turned up the music and braved it. A girl with
big feet walking in front of me had a trusty mauve colred
umbrella and I pass her fascinated by her large pale feet
in high heels. Although the rain is not hitting me
directly ,it is being kicked on to the back of my favorite
jeans by my shoes soaking my calves. Four more blocks i
tell myself. This is enough of a workout I think. Yeah.

The rain is a non issue for me. A client old me that there
was a 3.4 earthquake in Oakland in the middle of the night.
She said that a vase had fallen from a shelf in her house
and split in two. No cracks just a clean break. Interesting
when you are talking about a quake to describe the way
something cracked. Did she know what she was saying?

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