K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-05-10 04:33:48 (UTC)

I cried...

For whatever reason I snuck back to you.And I cried
because you re-opened all the wounds I've spent so long
trying to heal, with time and distance.But I didn't cry
for those reasons. It's everything, I cried today for
I cried for the little girl that's now a woman but still
doesn't know what to do.
I cried because my mother can no longer console me when
things go wrong.
I cried for all the people that I once knew, but don't
I cried because I'm not good at keeping friends.
I cried for the man that I killed, when I cheated. I cried
for us, because he won't.
I cried because you don't care about me, and I know it.
I cried because, though I'm not in love with you, I still
love you, and you know it.
I cried because the only man that loves me, I don't want.
I cried because I subconciously tried to replace you, and
I cried because I know that I can't.
I've cried simply because He loves me more than you ever
will again.
I cried because I'm in a city of millions, but still feel