Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-05-10 03:29:10 (UTC)

Envy & beauty & restless (5) poems...

"Envious girl"

She envies her sister
She envies a stranger
She envies a neighbor
She envies her friend
What's the reason for this envy?
Their beauty, of course.
She feels like nothing next to the others
They're so beautiful
Just like their mothers
She does not have what they have
She was not given the gift of beauty
Natural beauty
Or any other kind
She can't see how God could find this beautiful
This body
This face
These lips
These eyes
This smile
This frown
Where? Where is it?
Is beauty invisible?
It is said that God finds every man, every woman beautiful
But the world changed everything
No longer is everyone beautiful
If they ever were
She's ugly, he looks deformed,
they're too big, they're too thin
Scarred, blemished, damaged goods
Why is she beautiful? Why not her?
What was wrong with her?
She envies for what she does not have
And may never contain
She does not possess the gift, the power, the privilege
of beauty
It is such a shame
She can never be that perfect
No one's perfect, you say?
She knows this all too well
But her feeling does not change
Nobody's perfect but many are simply perfect enough
Perfect enough


"Never compare"

She envies those girls
She envies those women
Her eyes. Her lips. Her skin.
Her face. Her beauty. Her grace.
She wishes they were hers. She is stuck with her own.
Not considered beautiful to anyone, leaving her alone.
Her body. Her hair. Her beauty.
She could never compare.


"Envies You"

She envies you
She envies your lovely face
Your shapely frame
Your soft, supple lips
Your bright, brilliant eyes
Your long dark lashes
Curled over precisely
Translucent skin
Is where her beauty begins
And there is no end



Never ending nightmare
Do I dare close my eyes?
Is it worth a try?
I'm tired of sleepless nights
I'm tired of this restless life.


"You're beautiful"

You're beautiful
And you have no idea
It's a pity
Society's mostly to blame
You're so beautiful
And you think people don't care
They're just afraid
In the presence of such natural beauty
The awe shown in their gawking faces
Eyeballs ogling, staring, piercing, peering, fearing
You can't see what they see
You can never judge your own beauty
Your own face
It's not nearly the same


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