Autum's Leaves
2005-05-10 03:00:37 (UTC)

Dance Dance Devolution

Oh if only the world were made up of those wonderful
one liners.

Or if I could dance forever.

But beyond that, rehearsal was...ugh, crazy. Too much
stuff to do in too little time. Rehearsal everyday until
Thrusday and I'm going crazy. This week is going to eat me

I get to dance with the Kid though, so that's a plus.
Not only that but he wears this uber awesome suit for our
first finale. It's all soft and velvety and I love it and
I petted him for like five minutes, it was nice. Then we
talked for awhile when we got home on IM. He's such a nice

Got my money back from the Ex. At least I got it back,
I guess it was a luxery it was only three days late. But,
he was super supportive over the thing that happend this
weekend, so I let him go for it. That and I helped him
tape up some pictures today for his project in tech class,
even though it made me late visiting my Mom.

The second I got my money back, I spent it. *slaps
forehead* What the crap with me? It was all for the
musical though. I bought capri's that I'll wear again, and
a belt that I can wear as a sash on my neck. *sigh* Then I
bought Keds...ugh, and it hurt. I hate those fucking shoes.

...I do wish I could dance forever. Never get tired,
never stop, never think about anything that I didn't want
to, just dance and forget everything except how good it
feels to dance and be wonderful.

*sigh* Sometimes I think I could be so happy, if I quit
allowing myself to get hurt.

Where's the fun in that?

"Why can't they dance like we did? What's wrong with Sammy
Kaye? What's the matter with kids, to-day?" -Bye Bye Birdie