Wo ist Amanda?
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2005-05-09 23:05:41 (UTC)

Back to the old ways....

Old habits never die...or so I've proven this true. I am
now 40lbs lighter due to my certain habits I've taken up
again. I'm hanging out with the same old screw-ups that
treat me like a bank, a whore, and just a plain piece of
shit on the bottom of their shoes. Yet, the depression has
not killed me. I was so very close, but I guess it isn't
meant to be....YET! I swear, one of these days I will get
the courage to be a coward! I will commit suicide and save
myself the pain of this unwanted life. Yeah right...I'm
too weak to live, yet too weak to die. A life of fear is
no life at all. But a life of lonliness and sorrow is what
I an supposed to be thankful for! HA! I'm going home...

STILL here...damnit.