whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
2005-05-09 22:22:43 (UTC)

boiz,boiz,boiz.....and frendz

i cant belive the heartache that not onli am i putting
myself thru but i am going thru.2dai i found out that a
good frend of mine since like 7th grade has the hugest
crush and infactuation with Ricky!!!!!!the boi ive been
waitin for all yr. that i wrote an entry about not 2 long i feel so bad and so wierd!she realli likes him
and how do i tell ha i like him 2 and i always the
type of person who wuld hook them up tho jus 2 c ha
happi.this is the same situation im havin wit victor.wat
is wrong wit me?do i value frendship waiiiiii 2 much?!?!y
cant i jus tell ha.2dai afta skool i had time 2 kill n i
saw my frend and she axed me 2 help ha look 4 him cuz he
was sposed 2 meet ha.she sed they kissed and they hug blah
blah blah.(by the way i hav a poem dedicated 2 ricky that
ill put on lata).i culdnt believe my ears but i culdnt sai
n-ethin either.wat culd i sai...realli!my heart is beyond
broken.only the Lord is keepin me from cryin rite
now*sob*my life is a freakin fiasco!boiz
yyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????my heart is shriekin out!no1
seems 2 hear!but i did meet a trini 11th grader!but hes
not spanish:(o well i guess i culd giv it a try but wat
about this situation?do i jus watch this happen from the
sidelines and watch sum1 rip my heart out while i allow
them to?idk realli...g2g eat sry.*sob*
ya gurl...TynA