Razorblade Kiss
2005-05-09 17:06:34 (UTC)

True Friends By:Missy

True Friends
Are the ones I can share every little secret with
You always tell eachother who you like
But worst off is they'll like them to
You get in those fights but the next day your trying to
There always there to listen to you no matter what you do
They'll always have a shoulder to cry on
But till the end you are true friends
friends are always there whenever your feeling blue
friends are always there whenever you need them to
friends are a loving gift that god gave to us
friends are a sighn of love,care, and trust
everyone in the wrold needs at least one friend
who they can depend on or even a book to lend
now im going to end my poem and the point im trying to
is when your in a close relationship try your best to keep