of Life of Wind
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2005-05-09 15:42:49 (UTC)

Wow woooooo..

Never think about my ex-bf would tell me like
I never expect him would want to be together again..? What
is "I promise I will treat you better than before" and "I
wouldn't know cherish if I never lost it"?? Ridiculous!!
No need to do anything, because I don't have that feeling
already. I just told him "We was always fighting over
trifling matters, it's hard to be friends, and certainly
hard to be lovers. You had better find another can satisfy
what you need..." ......that's it. *sigh*... it seems to
make me lose a friend...I think we can't be friends any
haha.. what will you do if I tell you about that..? Would
you just let me go?? or urge me not to leave you..?? I
don't know what you would do, but I think you will just
let me go... because you have many other choices, no need
to keep only one.

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