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2005-05-09 04:58:16 (UTC)

Don't feel much like writing...

But I was bored and decided to drop ya a line. Today was
mama's day- really wasn't close to my mom- so hmm. I got
my stepmother flowers, a cake and card and called my
sister. I have to mail her card tomorrow.

I went out Friday night to Nadia's Birthday. No one
really showed up and those who did couldn't drink at
Amigo's (either too young, fake id was bad or didn't have
ID) so we ended up at Andrew and Josh's. It was fun there-
Sugarbar and Jackson showed up (two frat boys living with
Vikki's ex Josh Harper and who also work at Ochucks) and
we all ended up gettin' drunk. I was actually already
drunk from Jaeger bombs at Amigo's....but then I also had
a few beers at the apt so I was feeling great.

Jamie showed up at Amigo's but decided to go to CBC's
instead since we were all leaving anyhow. Nadia ended up
with us, though.

I started biting my nails again. I don't ever think I'll
break the habit so I should go get "my nails done" and put
some fakes over it. I just hate fake nails and mine are
so small fake nails will look monsterous on my tiny

Yesterday was Clint's 26th birthday. Wonder how he
celebrated it? Wonder what the hell I'll do for my 26th?
I'm thinking a nice cabin out in the middle of nowhere.
Should I bring friends? I don't know. Being w/ a few
pals seems sufficient. Hmmmm...what else? I'd love to go
to Six Flags this summer. I freakin' love roller
coasters, the summer sun and everything else that comes w/
an amusement park. We should take a Tuesday off and drive
down there.

Well, that's all you get today. How hum drum.

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