Time Of My Life
2005-05-09 04:43:41 (UTC)

Life is good...

I always tell myself that I will remember to write on a
regular basis...but as I have already found out I've never
been good at making myself sit down after a long day and
look back...

Life is GOOD...

I have recently decided to move back to my home town. This
decision was brought on by my little sisters decision to
to the military. She has a beautiful daughter named Halie
that she must leave behind for at least 9 weeks worth of
basic training...That leaves my mom with a one year old
although she's SUPER WOMAN I don't believe that she should
have to do it all by herself. I have also realized that
here where I currently live, unless you enjoy the
saying, "Do you want fries with that?" you will probably
penniless and miserable! I am used to making decent money
and I don't think that I'll be able to reduce myself to
fries and burgers just yet. Haha...

Me and Aaron are doing great! We've only been seeing each
other exclusively for a little over a month, but I've got
to say that boy has a hold on me. I don't understand it
honestly, how can you love someone and hold them so close
to your heart after only knowing them such a short time?
The way he looks at me makes me want to weep. I never knew
that eyes could hold such a love! He sees me...all of me
and loves me...the good and the bad. I never believed in
unconditional love before, but in such a short time he has
proved to me that there is a reason to trust in love once

Some of you that read this silly journal of mine, might be
saying to yourself..."It's only been a month, how could
possibly be in love?" Go right ahead and ask yourself
that...GOD knows I've beaten my brain up over that same
question, but the truth is LOVE knows no time schedule or
routine. I can say that in the short time that I've been
graced with knowing Aaron, he's become my world. So, that
is all the answer that I need...

Until next time...XOXO