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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-05-09 13:09:12 (UTC)

subdiary 08-05-05

i slept terribly with last night with a sore ear. as soon
as i was able i called to make an appointment with the
doctor. both my ears are very infected. the pain is
terrible and i am so dizzy. my head is congested still.
they say let nature take its course and a cold only lasts 5-
7 days..i wish someone would tell my cold this as i am now
in day 10 with a few more to come i think.

it was Mothers Day here and i had planned on visiting my
mum but with the dizziness i realised it isnt safe to
drive. i rang mum instead & apologised to her..promising
to make it up to her at a later date.

Master & i were unable to contact each other until rather
late. i did try different ways of contact but found none
successful at all. He had spent the day organising His new
place and then spending some quality time with friends.
Master is such a wonderful man.

i watched a little t v then went to bed early as with my
earache etc i found watching t v painful.

slave jess {MJ}

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