Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
2005-05-09 02:13:18 (UTC)

Iced Tea, Whisky and 3 Slices of Good Old Wonderbread...

God, you know it's bad when I've broken out the alcohol.

I just closed my last entry, went into the kitchen,
spotted a giant bottle of Crown Royal as I was drinking my
iced tea and the rest, as they say, is history. Tastes a
lot better with the iced tea, I have to say. [-sigh-] I
will, however, be out cold soon enough, thank god. I
don't do well with ounces and my concepts thereof
(imperial sucks, I'm sorry but it makes no sense), but at
an eyeball glance I must have dumped in two
standard "servings" of the CR. I know, not a huge amount,
but it's about gone already, I'm already exhausted,
already upset, and already, uncharacteristally, had wine
with dinner. And I don't drink. Never. So...

Sleep will be nice.

What the fuck am I doing?



Oh yeah. I'm back. I forgot to tell you abou tthe 3
slices of Wonderfuckingbread. With butter. Or margarine
since we can't possibly have butter in the fridge.
Sometimes, you've just got to eat bread and butter when
you're hungry. DAMN it tasted good!!! K2