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2005-05-09 01:14:19 (UTC)

may 8,05

hey yall .. haveing been in here in a while.. i probably
wont write much im super tired.. i just got done readin
catts journal.. sounds like she had a funner weekend than
my weekend consisted of painting. we got a new house this
friday. and there was a barney purple room . a hot pink
kinda faded pink room and alot of other goofy shit needed
to be done around the house. i like the house i just hate
not having any way to communicat with people it sucks! big
time.. because like everytime i wasnt doing anything i
wanted 2 call catt see if she wanted to hang out but mom
celly has no service out there along with everybody else
celly. it really sucks.

today i woke up at 11 and sat and just like daydreamed
the whole day.. i called catt and i wanted her to come
hang out with me 2day but she was hanging out her parents
for mothers day..she invited me 2 the movies.. but i didnt
really wanna go. i was like deh, i had and still have
paint on me from the weekend then i called her later on
that day going by her house but she was at the movies by
then .. i wanted her to come hang out but it never worked
out.. i hate saying oh well because it really does suck..
but iguess shit happens.im like out of it 2day. i hav a
feelin ill be like this 2morrow 2. i dont think its
depression if it is its alot different from pass
depressions ive been through.idk its strange. it really
does sucks i wanted 2 see catt more than ever 2day and i
didnt get the chance 2 im upset about it alittle but
ohwell.. well im gunna go hit the sack tired.