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2005-05-08 22:18:12 (UTC)

three is a magic number

hey i hvent written in here for a long time...so here

this weekend was AmAzInG....m en marsh go tto hang out
every night...and after sum bad moments maunas life
finally took a turn for the best..and i am so happy for
her.. : D

well friday was sweet...zak and sarah ( yes i no the ben
folds song) ((sarah is his girlfreind...not a booty call
but an actuall girlfreind....surprisingly) came
home...sarah is SOO COOL! she laughed at all my corny
jokes 0 : D zak and sarah went to the palace to see john
stewart..i was jealous...

later that night marshall came over and we had fun
watchign family and fight club...two sweet things!! we
diddnt erally watch fight club cuz we got into a water
fight...again..oh and my old furby was taken out...it is
our child...we named it raul...

my brother wants me to add this in....THINK O : D

so saturday came around and so did my brothers birthday!
he is now nineteen! so we celebrated with a greaters ice
cream cake and presants...and tehn marshall came
over...yet again

sarah tackled marshall...and we all watched the crew
game....we have concluded that bonne-bonne is the funniest
g-maw ever...

more family guy and figth club again..oh and the furby
AGAIN was watched...we are so cool (?)

so now its sunday...me and marshalls 3 month anniversary!
and ve day ( victory in europe day...when the fighting in
WW11 stoped in europe) so its a good day...

i went over to marhsalls house in between mothers day
celebrations ( mine was in the mornig and his was at
night) and we had fun...his mom i sso funny! we went on a
wild goose chase for his cat....wow...he is so awesome

well now i have to cram for english and do my project...i
got a c in the class.. : /


ps- marshall liked his green day lanyard...which is indeed
the coolest word EvEr~!

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