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2005-05-08 20:35:25 (UTC)

i said id give it one more..

i said id give it one more chance. i dont know what to do
i do love him, but am i in love?? i dont think so.
i just have these feelings that things arnt going to last
in the long run.
right now i feel like things are awkward and just dont
feel right. doesnt feel like things are going to go back
to the way they were in the beginning.
i do feel like things would be better for the both of us
if we did split up. i wouldnt get mad at him for no or
from such little reasons and he wouldnt have to put up
with my constant mood changes.
i do not want him out of my life completely, i still want
to be friends and hang out and do things. i just dont
think i want to be in a relationship anymore...and not
just with him, with anyone.
i feel like i need time to myself to try to figure out
what i want with myself, with my life because as it is now
i dont have a clue.