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2005-05-08 17:00:26 (UTC)

potato soup

I dont know why but I am really frustrated right now. Maybe
it's just because I am tired? Who knows. Last night I
watched the third lord of the rings movie with dave... and
then marc came over later and we hung out for a little bit.
This morning me and Dave went out for breakfast and i
dragged him along with me to Target. I talked to tim... he
was mad cuz my phone is always off now. Oh well. I need to
go work out right now... I just dont have the motivation. I
dont feel like doing anything. ughhh. oh well. work was
alright yesterday. I did something to my back though. It
hurts really bad. Tonight i have to work 4-8. I have to
work everyday this week except for tuesday and friday...
and i told them that if the lady that works those days cant
work that i would take her shifts. that would be nice...
then i would be working every single day. hell yeah. I need
the money desperately for a car. me and dave were talking
about a car today. he told me that he would help me find a
good one. hopefully.

But i am ganna go. I think im ganna go lay down and try and
get rid of my bad mood!!


my mom made baked potato soup... and it is really good. the