2005-05-08 14:49:25 (UTC)

whats up??

well friday me, lewis, mike, and josh went to first friday.
it was ok i guess.

anywayz, lewis told me before that his "girlfriend" was
gonna email me and she never did, so i decided to email her
myself cuz i wanted to know wat she had to say to me. she
emailed me back talking bout lewis lied to me and all this

so i dunno wat to do anymore. i'm sorry but she walks
around talking bout she's his girlfriend. why would she say
that if it wasn't true? i think he did ask her to be his
girlfriend or something like that. if he did and i find out
thats it, cuz i can't handle being with somebody whos gonna
treat me like that. lieing to me and basically cheating on
me, even though he doesn't think that was cheating. oh him
telling different chicks that he loves them and then
telling one that he thinks about his life with her isn't
cheating. so wat the fuck is that supposed to be? a
friendly gesture or something!!!!

i honestly don't know wat to do anymore and i don't think i
can handle anymore crap from him, his hoes, and my mom.
i swear i'm gonna end up killing myself. it may not be now
but i can see it happening.