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2005-05-08 10:48:01 (UTC)

My Blogs, 3 May 2005

I wish I know the answer to what love is..

Yesterday, I watched Oprah Show about Wynona Judd who is
feeling lonely & depresed becoz of her weight problem.
She said She got everything in the world : A loving
husband, A nice voice, many fans.

But still , she never feel contended. She always have
question mark in her heart.. looking for answer...
Sometimes, in our life, we are feeling lonely although we
are surrounded with faithful friends, supportive family,
well paid job... But still we feel lonely.. still we feel
lost in isolated desert...

We do soul searching by reading self development books ..
trying to search for answer...
We tried hard to fight our tears falling down from our
eyes everyday...
We tried hard to laugh at jokes despite having our deepest
hearts bleeding profusely...

I wish I know the answer to what love is... Why it brings
so much happiness and tears to us ?

I am sure, there will be one day, where I can stand up and
throw those books and say : I dont need those books
anymore. I know the way to get to my destination ....

Hm.... the best thing I can do now is holding on
tightly... till I get THERE.

Opera Show was ended with Wynona singing " I wanna know
what love is ".

It had perfectly gave pain in my chest and I could
perfectly felt warm tears sitting at the edge of my eyes.

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