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2005-05-08 10:44:00 (UTC)

My Blogs, 1 May 2005

Today, I came across one blog's with this saying :

Someone once said that "there is nothing worse than a
break-up", but I disagree. There is something worse than a
break-up. A break-up when one of the loved ones thinks
that the other person does not love or care about them...


It's about a boy who just brokeup with his gal.. Her
family was against their relationship just because this
boy is a non chinese. And to make things worse, this boy
lied to the gal before the breakup. The gal hated lies so
much. She told this boy before.. So when she came accross
his lies. She was shattered. Her life was already treating
her bad as she come from a very poor family. She
disappointed so much that she cruelly ended the
relationship straightaway...


The boy was very devastated. He mentioned this in his
blog :

Ever since my life had a meaning. I knew from that moment
that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I've
been with other people before but I knew that she was the
one. Before meeting her, I never knew how to love someone,
I had never experienced love. She showed me how to love.
And the best thing was that she loved me too. She made me
feel so special that I just got lost in her love.

Hmm... Love can make you to become the happiest person in
the world.. but also can throw you down to become a very
miserable person in the world... :((

Anyway, I told him to be strong.. I told him not to give
up if he still want to try .. coz he truely love her.. He
was still holding on to the very tiny hope , although he
know there are big barriers in front of his true love for
his gal.. Although he know he has to sacrifice a lot. I
told him : As long as he still want to try. I told him to
fight till the end... Coz I dont want him to regret by
letting her go.. knowing that his heart hasnt allow him to
do it yet...

The girl finally agreed to meet him today.... :) I am
going to ask him tommorow what was the outcome... He was
so nervous that he wrote.. He is afraid to breakdown and
cry when he see his gal again.... I told him to be honest
with himself.. and not too worry too much if he express
his feeling by crying... I told him not to pretend that he
is strong when he is not!! In case there's never another
chance for him... Well.. I ve been there......I know what
he should do.... I really want to save as much
relationship as I can ... :`(


Give it to others who deem it poor in spirit. Give it to
the world around you in anyway you can. There is where
many lovers go wrong. having been long without love, They
understand love only as a need. They see their hearts as
empty places that will be filled by love, and they begin
to look at love as something that flows to them rather
than from them

Oh Well... I better start saving all my loves again in my
heart for my future love one :) While waiting for that day
to come, I will try to save as many broken relationship as
I can :)) Life is too short to just sit back , watch and
leave ...

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