Autum's Leaves
2005-05-08 06:12:42 (UTC)

Painless Sex is a Luxery

I'd like to know when my abnormally normal life truely
became so abnormal?

I'd suppose that'd be when I made it that way.

So, painless sex. Can or can't happen? I honestly don't
know. To me there's painless sex, that sex that you have
with someone that you love, where everything's always
fine. Then there's ALL the other sex. That impulsive sex,
the drunk sex, the cheating sex, the what-the-hell-was-I-
thinking? sex. Crazy enough, what I did tonight is three
of those four things, and I'll need some alcohol to get
through this anyways.

I've been looking into BDSM for awhile since my friend
is so into it, and okay...bottom line, I can't deal with
pain. It makes me cry. I'm a girl. My friend loves pain
and apparently a lot of other people do too. The only
thing is that technically, I'm a switch vanilla, but I
hate hurting people and I don't really want people to hurt
me. Tie me up, blind fold me and fuck me till I can't walk
anymore, that's cool. Tell me to give head for thirty
minutes, give me a challange that's straight. NIPPLE
CLAMPS ARE NOT STRAIGHT. ...yeah, that's right, and the
guy liked them more than I did. Jesus H. Fucking Christ.
All I know is that the guy I was with...

...Sorry, skipped a part, so I met this guy and we ended
up coming back to my place (which I would like to say is
the first time I have ever said that in correct context)
and did some crazy shit, completely sober. I was tied up,
not like I would have liked, but I'd do it again. That was
fine, the good other stuff was fine...nothing else was

Not wishing to delve into too much information here I
would just like to say that there are few men's dicks that
look pretty, there are even fewer that smell relatively
decent and a guy that likes female cum off his own

...I took a shower after he left. That was nice. I'm now
talking to my NORMAL friend who would love to give me a
hug as I sit here wrapped up in my huge bath robe drinking
water with both my bra and underware on and my wet hair
wrapped up in a big towel. One of my cats is sleeping on
the bed with me and I told her I loved her more than she
knew for not hurting me. Haha.

Oh the days when people couldn't just have some good
old fashioned sex anymore. *burp* I love not feeling sexy
right now.

"This is a song about susan, this a song about the way
things are, this is a song about the scary things you see
in the corner of your eye, ever wonder why, we never talk
about the future, we never talk about the past anymore, we
never ask ourselves the questions to the answers that
nobody even wants to know, so much for the afterglow."