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2005-05-08 02:39:58 (UTC)

My Alphabetized Existence/The Letter H

Hair, length
I've had my hair at all different lengths in my
life--from a pixie cut in elementary school to very long
hair. Most of the time it's been long. It suits me, I
think. I not only look better with long hair I find it
easier to manage. I don't have to worry about getting it
cut or curled or anything else. I can braid it or wear it
up or wear it down.

Hands, holding
John and I often hold hands. We hold hands when
we're shopping and when we're sitting next to each other and
often we fall asleep holding hands. I like holding hands.

Hands, what they reveal (John noticing age)
A few weeks ago we were talking to a clerk and
after we left we speculated on her age. I guessed that she
was perhaps in her mid 30's but John said, no, she was
older, probably in her early 40's. I asked him why he
thought that and he said because of her hands. I never
thought of looking at someone's hands to assess their age
but after he pointed that out I've found out that it
provides a very good clue indeed.

The same clerk noted that I had very small
handwriting. And I do. It's hard for anyone to copy
because it is so small. I think that began in my college
years; it allowed me to take more notes on a page and it's
something that I've just never changed.

I believe it's true that we're only as happy as we
chose to be. Every morning I tell myself that today will be
a happy day. It isn't always but I've discovered that if I
tell myself that it will be it increases the odds.

Hearts (cutting out of paper; broken)
I remember when I learned to cut out symmetrical
hearts out of red and pink construction paper in elementary
school by folding the paper in half first. Now, of course,
I prefer them asymmetrical.
A broken heart can never really be repaired
although it
can be made whole again.

Hopscotch was one of my favorite childhood games.
All I needed was a sidewalk and a box of chalk and I was
set. I had a metal bracelet which worked wonderfully as my
marker. I have no idea if little girls still play hopscotch
anymore. I hope so. It's a game I plan to teach my
grand-daughters and won't it be fun for them to see this old
lady hopping around!

I have been fortunate enough in my life to have had
two good husbands. There are many similarities. Both were
witty, intelligent and loving men; they even look a bit
similar if you look at photographs of John taken when he was
in his early 20's. Their birthdays are the same day and
month--July 5th--but Steven was born in 1949 and John in

I have some favorite hymns--Amazing Grace and As the
Deer and I'll Fly Away. Singing in the choir brings me
great joy. It probably brings me more joy than it brings
joys to those listening to me but I told the choir director
when I joined that I didn't have the most wonderful singing
voice in the world but I would work hard and always sing
with great enthusiasm and so far, that's worked out okay.