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2005-05-08 02:27:17 (UTC)

Hectic Day!

6 a.m. Make breakfast and lunch for John before he leaves
for work, start washer, empty dishwasher and fill again and
start it up, feed the cats and give them a little bit of
love and attention, read newspaper, take shower and dress

8 a.m. Drive to Junction City. Do grocery shopping, put
gas in car, drop quilts off at quilt show in Harrisburg,
pick up parts at appliance store for extra refrigerator in
garage, stop in and visit with John's parents and return
home (30 mile round trip)

10:00 a.m. Get mail, check messages on answering machine-
John has more errands for me to do in Albany, local reporter
wants to interview for story about my local church's quilt
show in two weeks TODAY but I know what the rest of the day
looks like so that's not going to happen. Put groceries
away, sort through mail. Put clothes from washer to dryer
and start another load. Empty dishwasher. Make lunch

11:30 a.m. Leave for Albany. Drop Hugh off at community
college and go into town to run errands. Go to Corvallis
for more errands. Return to Albany and pick up Hugh. (80
mile trip)

2:30 p.m. Arrive home again. Put purchases away. Put
second load of clothes in dryer and fold clothes from first
load. Empty dishwasher. A message from doctor's office
that John's medical test results came in and I can pick up
his prescription. This is a maintenence drug prescription
and since I waited for his before sending in mine which I
got a few days ago I want to pick it up so I can mail them
all in this afternoon. Put second load of clothes in dryer.

3:00 p.m. Leave for JC. Go to doctor's office and get
prescription. Return home. Get prescriptions form and
envelope ready, find stamp. Stand in line at post office to
get envelope mailed and pay for additional postage. Fold
clothes and put away. Make bed. Vacuum. (30 mile trip) it's 4 p.m. and John will be home in a few minutes.
I need to start dinner. I drove about 140 miles today.

Did I get any knitting done? Actually, yes! I finished a
hat I'd started last night and cast on another one in the
morning before I left for my first trip to Junction City. I
knit one round when I arrived a few minutes early at the
community college to pick up Hugh. I also bought more yarn
for more hats when I went to Corvallis. Tonight I hope to
knit some more. Those little hats are going to get
finished. My goal is to get 20 hat and bootie sets and 26
hats for the William Beaumont Army Medical Center in the
mail on June 20th. So far I've made 2 sets and 11 hats!

About twenty years ago I had four little boys under the age
of five, made quilts and knit socks and sweaters, raised
chickens and sheep, took care of an orchard and put in a
quarter acre garden every year and canned 1,000 jars of food
every summer. I have no idea how I did that. I surely
couldn't do it now!