2005-05-08 01:43:28 (UTC)

the perfect figure

all the guys want to look at a perfect figure.
all the girls want a perfect figure.
you always need to look good,
you always need to be think, sexy, droolworthy, perfect.

why is our world like that?

i'm not super thin, droolworthy, sexy, or perfect...and
guess what...im still alive.

so....would you rather go threw everyday of your live
watching what you eat, wear, and look like?

or go threw everyday eating what you like, wearing comfy
clothes, and looking how you want to look...?

i pick the second one.
and i dont care if no guy looks at me like they look at
the thinest, sexiest, drolworthiest, most perfect girl in
the world.

i would be so uncomfy if i had to watch what i eat and
shit like that every single day.

so like me or not for being my non-skinny self, cause i
aint changeing for no body!! :D