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2005-05-07 19:20:22 (UTC)

"Nursing informatics is a..

"Nursing informatics is a science and an art that deal with
information management in health care which include
preparing nurses to acquire the knowledge and skills
necessary to design and implement information systems.

3.Discuss the emergence of

Telehealth/ telenursing/telemedicine have been defined as
the use of communication and information technologies to
provide or support a diverse group of health related
activities or the delivery of health services.

* The implementation of the new system enhances
communication among the medical staff.

*Timely patient information, entered once and then shared
across all systems and available to staff with relevant

*The supervisor on call can utilize a consolidated patient
report that will give all demographics, diagnoses, medical
doctors and phone number.

*Managers can utilize various reports for benchmarking and
to track the productivity of their staff.

4. Three observed practices of telenursing

The Electronic Medical Record provides quality access to
updated information available immediately and accurately to
all the users.

With the use of video conferences, the system facilitates
the nursing staff in continuous learning which in turns
help the organization to save time and money.

The system maintains the patient medication history and
interfaces with a leading medication module, an optional
database for drug interaction checking...

5.The codes and measurement used in managed care

The agency uses a standardized coding reference to verify
proper coding designed to furnish information essential for
reimbursement of services provided to patients with
Medicare, Medicaid, and other Managed Care payers patients.

6. Nomenclature

The two classified Home Health Classification system used
at SVCMC focuses on its two interrelated taxonomies HHCC of
Nursing Diagnoses and HHCC of Nursing Interventions. The
two systems are used as a standardized framework to code,
index, and classify home health clinical nursing practice.

7. The difference between therapeutic application and
information application of technology

Information application of technology is the process by
which information is delivered or retrieved. The Help Desk
assist end-users placed routine call to the IT person for
advise, and to assist trouble shootings the problem until
it is resolved.

Therapeutic application- The agency is in the process of
doing a pilot study using telemedicines. This technology
will make it possible for wound management and to assess
emergency situation from a distance.

8.The advantages and disadvantages of the Computer Patient

The CPR provides clinician access to the most current
clinical information.

The CPR will improve clinical outcomes.

The CPR Increases reimbursement.


The nursing staff are not at the point of care.

The Agency is using the system primarily for billing and
bench marking reports enable data entry and processing of
key information. this has created some problems because the
nurses are not entering the data themselves,That will be
resolved with full implementation of the system.

The cost of training is estimated to be high because some
clinicians will require more basic training than others.


the Agency uses a two level password system, which is
Center Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) for electronic
signature. Every employee is mandated to change his/her
password every three months for security purposes. An audit
trail is available for every Misys Home care screen to
track date and user related changes.

10. My clinical experience at SVCMC

My clinical experience at SVCMC IT was definitely a good
learning experience. I had the opportunity to see the many
avenues available for the nurse informaticist. I also had
the opportunity to meet the course objectives. Plus the
experience of participating in the installation of a new
system, with the problems encountered and the benefits

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