whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-05-07 16:39:16 (UTC)

No wherez 2 go

mom dukes is gonna c denzel washington on broadway 2nite!!
lucki ha so now she sed i gotta go 2 sum1 house 2nite but
no1 is around and if they r then they dont kno wat theyre
doin 2nite..and im not payin 20$ 4 no stupid carnival wen
im possibli goin wit a bunch of ppl i dont like..hellz
nah...i think not!so now im stuck between a rock n a hard
place.yesterdai wuz good,i failed my math test n my science
test,went 2 church jus bout 3 hrs. late cuz Sean wanted 2
go 2 mcdonalds(good times)B-Town!lol wack Baldwin.n-e ways
so yea went 2 simoneys place 4 the 1st time yest. afta
skool also good times altho i onli stayed 15 min.and the
walk there was lke an hr. lol phil n janese wuz
wasnt 2 bad bein round him givin he is a x from yrs. ago
and i mean yrs!i been pimpin since dai 1 babay!then i went
2 pic up the kids i was gonna babisit.i had 2 push the lil
1 n a stoller on Jerusalem n let me tell ya...mad hedz was
lookin @ me cuz they thought she wuz my wat i look
like havin a kid.omg ppl wuz starin and evn ppl who kno me
axed if she was mine i wuz lke wow!by the way which is more
fattening mcdonalds fries or apple pie?culdnt figure it out
las nite so i got on a strict no
realli i am.i gotta figure out where im goin b4 my mom goes
crazi cuz she told me 2 find sum1 since shes gonna b so far
away.this is the same caring mom that sed wen i get a job
no1s gonna like my attitude and she'll tell them 2 fire me
herself...nice...i kno...real out
)*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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