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2005-05-07 06:56:07 (UTC)

Hello again friends!

sorry I havent written in a while, my dads gone anti virus
whacko and now it wont let me sign in on anything on my
part of the computer, so im on my mums!

Im friends with that boy again, dont know why

I have a sleepover tonight with some of my friends, they
are cool people, so are all my friends! you cool people!

Mark and Amy went out and split up and Mark got asked out
by Katy but I think he either didn't answear or said no
because he still likes Amy

Im having my hair cut on tuesday, it will look cool

Nicola is being a bitch to Amy and lieing to her, did she
not read my message in the last entry?

Nobody is on MSN, probably because it's 7:15am!

There's this boy at school and I really like him :P and
he's totally LUSH and he's really funny...hehehe
I got Joe to talk to him about me, questions I asked him
to ask:
1)Do you like Lucy?
2)How much do you like Lucy?
3)Do you think Lucy is good looking?
4)Would you go out with her if she asked you?

I think Joe might add a few of his own (he said something
about me wanting to hump him behind a bin somewhere) but I
don't know

Im really bored!!!

I regret to announce this is the end, Im going now, I bid
you all a very fond farewell...Goodbye *Dissapers*

Lucy x-o-x-o-x