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2005-05-07 06:00:26 (UTC)


On Wednesday's episode of LOST, all hell finally broke lose.
After having lost her borther to mysterious Locke's quest to
opening the Hatch, bitchy Shannon tries to convince her
boyfriend Sayid to kill Locke for her. Sayid, who use to be
a member of the the Republican Guard, gets Locke to take him
to where Boone was injured, interogatting him along the way
and deciding for himself that Boone's death was an accident
and killing Locke is pointless.

In his backstory,it is revealed that Sayid, who's been in
hiding ever since he left the Republican Guard, was forced
to spy on an old roomate of his who was a part of a
Terrorist Cell for the CIA before he got on the doomed
flight that crashed on the Island. He didn't care at first
what his firend was doing that got the CIA interested, but
when they made him take an interest when they revealed that
they knew where his childhood crush (who he was suppose to
kill before he decided to leave the Republican Guard but
chose to save instead) has been hiding.They threatened to
have her thrown in jail for being a suspected terrorist if
he didn't help, so he decided to spy on his friend. When his
friend, who was to be a martyr for the terroist group he was
to be a part of, finds out, he blows his own brains out,
wishing Sayid good luck finding his girlbefore he dies.

Granted, not the story line I was hoping for, but it gave me
an idea: Because the story lines of Shanoon and Sayid are so
interwoven by this point, there could have been two parallel
back stories going on at once explaining how Shannon got the
way she is.It would have worked: a bit lengthy, yes, but if
I was the creator, I would have taken the extra time to make
this episode a two-hour one (since it's been two weeks since
anmy new episodes of LOST) to run theparallel stories which
would have then tied into each other in the end.

As for Claire's baby, Charlie got his first taste of father
hood when he chose to look after Claire's baby while she
slept. Hetried everything he could to get the baby to stop
crying, and as it turns out only one thing on the island
could stop the baby from crying: Sawyer's voice. So Charlie
got Sawyer to read to the baby (from a Car magazine, off all
things) while Claire slept. Does this mean that the baby
sees Sawyer as a father-figure already? What will become of
Charlie and Claire's relationship?

ANd as for things getting wierder, everyone's turned on
Locke, who in the next episdoe will take Sayid and Jack to
the hatch he and Boone were trying to open, and also the
raft is finished, but now it seems that Kate has her own
reasons for wanting everyone to stay on the island now.

Whew... are those a lot of plot twist or what?