I have fucking failed
2005-05-06 17:24:11 (UTC)

random thoughts

Erase them memories that drain my mind
issue me a new life, take away the pain
I press on for better things, a new kind
lay down walls around me, time for new rain
A battle ended in deciet, lies, betrayal
mind fucked for the last time, fresh breath
my lungs gasping put this new heart 4 sale
I lay it all down on the line, forever is my name
Sick of being burt by her sun, i just peeled off this black
With my heart on my sleave, and my sleeves rolled up, i
trudge into the mouth of the game
Is this the beggining of the end or am i this time destined
to win?

I have a little shop of horors, i sometimes might hide
under my table, will u tip it, see me for me, or will u
flip it, hit me and take away my steam?
Drowned in all my rivers, wells r running dry, give me this
gift of gain, mop away this stain
I look outside and wonder, can greener ever be greater than
the gray i cook inside
U were the scab i picked daily, u were the blood running
down my face,u were the wound that never healed
U r now a scar of my past, still visible to most, yet
healing with the right touch. U will never be my scab again

Sometimes i hide my smile, like the clouds hide the sun
longing for love, like the desert yearns for rain

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