Ace of Spades

Its My Mistake
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2005-05-06 16:42:07 (UTC)


so im eating lunch right and its not so normal they
switched the tables to sccrap the gum from the botem of
the tables and yea im eating and some dummass trows a fry
at the table i think ok aslong as it dosent hit me right
so im about done and they trow another on with ketchup and
it hits me i get up and tell the fucker off and he didnt
do shit so i trow my tray away and then they talk shit him
and his table so i go back and tell them they should fuck
offi stole off the guy who threw the fry thank fully
felix the security saw and pretended to take me to 209 but
jst walked me to my nxt class lucky for me i always were
2 shirts so i hope
my day get better .........cuz this is bullshit wa happen