Play With Me
2005-05-06 16:26:20 (UTC)

See how it goes

Well, guess what? I now kno why everyone thinx im a
hoe. Well, since we all kno that i hate chix, then what is
there left but guys? Almost all of my friends are guys,
except for danielle, but, she might as well be a guy in
herself. well, most of my aquaintances are guys too. i do
have a few chick friends, but still....Well im all tha time
hanging out with guys so everyone thinx im a slut because
im always around guys. well, tonight im going to tha skatin
rink andd eric is gonna be there because i am picking him
up. And if i finnish it, im gonna be wearing a shirt that I
made, and its gonna kik ass. See, i have my own style. Abd
im different. Around here, most people who are different
all look tha same. Well,not me. Im gonna wear stuff that
noone has or can get adn noone can match me cuz im good
like that. My style. Only for me...and ok im making
Danielle a shirt too. Shes not at skool again today and I
called yesterday but noone answered. Seth Gooms got thrown
through a window today!! That fuckin prep always talked
shit about me at rockingham... i hated him, still do. Well,
apparantly he turned Buddha in for breaking open the
vending machine yesterday and they got into a fight and
buddha thre him through a window ( and went with him) but
it's all good. anyone who snitches about anything deserve
to have heir ass kiked. Well, i hope it goes well tonight
with me and eric. he said that every time he goes out there
he about gets into a fight and there will be alot of guys i
acquaintanances with talking to me so
yea... ***TOY***

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