How To Be Dead

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2005-05-06 15:47:28 (UTC)

Bad Day =(!

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry today =|! Actually,
I wasn't anywhere near crying..but still..I had Public
Speaking first and I was sitting beside Christina and
Sinead was on the other side of her...and we just worked
on our Career project..Christina was fucking going thru my
head! Ughh! Then we had a break cause we had double Public
Speaking..I stayed in the class tho and robbed Christinas
seat so I was beside Sinead too =)! Unfortunately
Christina was still on my other side...but we were both
just annoying the shit outta each other! It was actually
funny at the start. Then after Public Speaking..all the
drama people had to go to their were bearly any
people in my German class so..Christina's French class
came into my German class =|! We worked on our Career
Projects more but we were like 'Ahh..fuck off' Then she
wrote me a note saying 'I hate Sarah loves me' Anywaysss..
Then I wrote on our project 'By Sarah, Sinead and
unfortunately Christina' Then we just stopped talking..
Sat thru little break in silence since everyone else was
in drama! Then I went to triple Cookery and I forgot my I just sat there..and watched people cook.
Funtastic! I didn't mind tho..cause I'm suppose to cook
with Sinead..and she was in drama and I can't cook! Then I
had big break..and I went to Sineads house as
usually..Then back to school..and Sinead had to go back to
drama and I was early so I was queueing up for Irish and
no one else was there..then Christina came in and hugged
me and was like 'I love you..I'm sorry' I didn't say
anything...just kept standing there..She always says that
by the way 'I love you' or 'I hate you' I'm not special or
anything =/! Haha, moving on..then we went to Career and
handed up our project and the teacher went mad!! She made
us stay after class and then brought me into her
office..and said I hafta do the project again and by
myself..well she can shove my project up her fuckin ass!
She gave out to my for laughing too much too..I hate her!
It was Christina's fault I was laughing too..she always
gets me in trouble =(! Christina's one of those girls that
pretends to be a lesbian, but sometimes goes so far that
you don't know if she's pretending anymore or being
serious...Then I walked home with Christina cause everyone
else was gone or else still in drama! Christina and Sinead
made quite the appearence in here again I see..and I'll
probably write more about Sinead later..=/!
Ps: I have more friends than Sinead and Christina, I

I like that line...K, so after school I went out with
Orla, Sarah Number Two And Aine. We were just walking
around aimlessly..talking. Then Sarah went home and Sinead
came out. I gave Sinead her box..for her
bring to her interview..We were writing on her box and
Aine decided to write 'Sinead has a penis'..thats Aine for
you...anyways, Sinead wasn't happy at all..she thought her
mam and dad would study her box and see that she had a
penis..I dunno but she was all mad..! Then we were sitting
on a wall and all they were talking about was fuckin
drama..I was like 'shutttt upppp' but I didn't say
anything obviously..ugh! Did I ever write about Orla and
Eireann (Yes People, Eireann is a guy!) Well, they were
texting each other and they met up yesterday...awwh! Now,
I think Orla should meet him =)! You him..TALK
to him..sleep with him..go out with him and cheat on
him..whatever..=/! They didn't really talk but anyways..
Oh yeah, I'm on a big roll of rambling here so I might
aswell keep going! Know the way some people just hate you?
And you hate them back and it's fine..everyones happy! But
you know what annoys me..not knowing if someone hates me
or not..maybe some people are just nice whether they like
you or not..Thats annoying! If you hate me, tell me and we
can leave each other alone! This entry was really long..I
need to get a life that requires minimal attention to my
physical's quite distracting!

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