slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-05-07 01:18:34 (UTC)

subdiary 06-05-05


i had a long tiring day. i put in a full day at work and
thinking i wouldnt be in contact with my Master today made
the day even pass slower. i have been missing quite alot
of work lately with illness and other things. i am very
fortunate to have a good staff.

my business is a good little money maker and it is now the
time to sell if i want to make a killing. i have an
interested buyer who keeps playing with me. they say they
want it then change their minds then they want it again. i
think maybe they are hoping i will lower my price but i
know how much it is worth and i wont sell for less. i have
worked hard to build it up form nothing to what it is
today. another buyer contacted me today to offer me a
proposition. if they buy they would like me to manage the
place for 12 months.

i came home from work and made a quick meal for dinner then
logged only to find my Master waiting for me. i was so
surprised as it was so late for Him and He has to work in
the morning. Wwe chatted for a little while but then He
needed to go to bed. i logged off but after a while logged
back in only to find Master still online. i shouted at Him
to get to bed. (wonders now if a good thing or a bad thing
now???) now if i was paranoid i would think He didnt want
to chat to me but i know this isnt the case and He was just
doing His preslumber reading.

i love You Master and hope Wwe dont have to go all week end
without talking on phone or chatting at least.

slave jess {MJ}