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2005-05-06 09:53:45 (UTC)

Thursday sucked

ok today was pay day. that might have been the only
highlight to the whole day. although, when i was in line
to get my check, i ran into kevin, who didnt even
acknowledge me to be a human object, more like a pole that
he ran into. so that sucked. not that i was expecting him
to actually talk to me. but ya know, i was hopin maybe he
would at least attempt to appoligize to me so i can go off
on him. that would sure be nice. like i said, i didnt even
really like him all that much, he was completely NOT my
type. i knew somethin was up from the very beginning. but
anyway. so then i see hector. the married guy who keeps
wantin to have an affair with me. who says him and his
wife arent even really together, that they never talk and
all that. well, he had hickies on his neck. lol. okie
dokie. the "highlight" of my evenin was finding out that
yet again, another married man wants to get me in the
sack. woohoo. the future in that! right. but. of course.
with a day like that, i was left lonely, so i went to my
sex partner and we had some wild sex. i know that sounds
sluty. but its the truth. neither one of us has somebody
special. we dont have those kinds of feelings for each
other, but we both get horny. and we know that i can come
over and releive some tension that we both have after a
long days work. but we also know that if either one of us
gets somebody else it will stop. and might possibly start
up again after a break up. we understand. there are no
emotional attatchments. i think thats cool. before, i
never thought that a "relationship" like that actually
could exist, because i always thought that i would
develope feelings for the person, or visa virsa, and then
things would get complicated. but its not like that with
him. its cool. anyway. but my night got completely perfect
when i went to walmart and DANT DA DA! Dawson's Creek
Season 5 was there! and the best part, only 30 bucks
instead of the usual new release 50. so, at this moment, i
am having a dawson's creek marathon, and plan on leavin to
go back to walmart and spend more money that i should be
taking to the insurance place for my car. it lapses in
three days. but o well. i need a new purse and some shoes.
hehe. later