Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
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2005-05-06 09:29:32 (UTC)

I hate this

I hate it how sometimes people start to take notice how u
look, and by people i mean the wrong people. I hate
charv's i hate them al in my skool, ive only eva met 3
nice ones and even then i dont reali like cin them in teh
street. Im sick of this damn skool, and i cant wait to
leave. People are starting to get upset cause they are
leaving, but im nearly crying with relief cause i hate it
hear, i hate al the lads who likes to make my life a
living hell, and i hate the lasses who like to make my
life a living hell. I hate them all, the only people i
reali like is the people who are my friends and who i talk
to. If i dont talk... i dont like u. So y cant they leave
me alone? i think they are ugly, the lads and the lasses i
dont like, but do i say it out loud or do i keep it to
myself? so what gives them the right to tell me that im
ugly, if i am i am, its not my fault and there is nothing
i can do bout it. There is people in teh world who like me
for me, just the way i am, and if they dont like that then
thats not my problem. My bolt on's still havent come on, i
reali need them to, i need to b cheered up, i got science
next, the weakest link, i think im gona ask davi if i can
fall asleep on his shoulder or something, cause i reali
cantb bothered with anything. I was planning to drink
tonite, but i dont think that i can anymore, i dont knw
where all of my energy has gone to, and to b honest i dont
want it bk. Plz some one kill me right now..... right now.

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