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2005-05-06 07:15:04 (UTC)

I am so done

Well that's it. Nothing, once again, was taken care of, and
thus I shall not be keeping my car, and I shall not be
staying in my home state. I have a lot of plans now. I am
through with them. I will be moving to Iowa, and I will not
be going back unless I can find a ride home for holidays and
for the summer to work at camp.

I will not be sharing my whereabouts with many people, and
those who do know, will know how to respond to any
athorities who are called upon.

It will be hard, but I think it is for the best, and I can
do it. I think that if I can do this and make myself better
without them, then they can take none of the credit. So
HAHAHAHA screw them. Although, my mom has done a LITTLE, so
maybe she'll get a few perks.

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