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2005-05-06 02:44:42 (UTC)

y o y do i hate life so much

but i juss cant let go of it i a hate living herr on this
awfull earth but i juss dont no y i cant let go of this
hell my mom started acting like a bitch since jen came back
mann i hate sayin this but i wish she wouldnt have left or
if she wouldnt have cum back i jus cant help it it was soo
much better b4 she came back but i forgive her now my mom i
just dont know i dont know why we just dont get a long ane
more man i hate this aND MY DAD HES SOO WEIRD NOW i dont
know hmmm i want a boyfriend and joseph to be older mann i
had this soo much i hate life yet i have to go on living it
well idk but i hate this soo blows i
wish i could change the fact that i was born
welll i guess thats all i have to say for todasy ugh bye

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