Chill out!
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2005-05-05 22:11:05 (UTC)


Hey I am at skool now, everyone is sooooo nice so far, Mrs
Hilsdon has done me a huge favor, Maddy gave me some

Mum won't buy my chocolates, I am soooooooo annoyed!!!! Dad
will buy two so its okay. Its going to be another big day
today, mum is going to force me to stop MSN, but I won't
coz.....well I dunno why.....................OOOOO its
friday so I am going to cadets today and hope we'll do
something fun(which hardly ever happens), I hope I 'll sell
somemore chocolates!
Everyone, plz e-mail me, or talk to me, I am sick of
talking to my assignments, I need to talk to my friends!!!
Missing everyone.....WAKAKAKA.............
Aniway CYAS, class is going to start soon
hi my namer is eloise cullen

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