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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-05-06 07:23:26 (UTC)

So happy yet sad

Hi All,
I am so happy in lots of ways, My slave followed my number
one command to take care of self and got somem medicines
from doctor for the bad cold she is suffering from. also
she is just such a joy to talk with.

The sad part comes I can't be there to wake her up in my
favorite way, be there to spend day with her, the chance to
love and spoil her.

I know I will have a future full of days to do that every

Her show collar(one can be worn in public) is comming
allong, My jeweler friend is working on it. I hope it is a
way my slave cna feel my love and ownership everyday.

I have been told by some my posts are too sappy and to much
of my love of my slave, but I love her so much.

So working on a gift, time for mailing surprises me.

she pleases me so well and I can wait to see her as we have

hugs!!! kisses for my slave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master Joel

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