The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2005-05-05 20:42:35 (UTC)

Poem 50- Bloody Ballerina

my tiny ballerina on her pedestal,
dancing where no one can see you.
dancing because you were made to dance,
and god you take my breath away-
your poise, your grace, your rest, your prey.
beauty in life form, formed perfectly
with the radiance of a woman.
dancing in time to the beat in your head,
keeping up to that thud thud thud.
let me hold you, let me show you how to live,
allow me to journey into your world,
enjoy your peace.

because, give me strength-
your feet are torn and in shreads.
stop, do not sacrifice yourself to this life,
those pretty toes, those soft folds of muscle
traced with glittering blood.

oh my bloody ballerina

© Lucy Griffin May05

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