whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-05-05 20:33:26 (UTC)

finale friday

las friday b4 the vacates up.i'll tell ya lata how that
dai went.its a short entry.ikea n on friday
mom n i woke up early and took a while n went and got
breakfast at the deli ova the bridge.wanna kno wat i had
or shuld i make this short?ok so i had a cinnamon raison
bagel with cream cheese and i had a welchs drink...mi tink
it was white grape, raspberri but wat do i kno?!lol.then
my mom got the brilliant idea"lets go 2 ikea"so we went
there and sum1 lost there nextel n mom n i found it but
she had alreadi left so we gave it 2 the staff who claims
they hav a # 2 reach ha at if the fone was found(which it
was)but i dont tink they wulda given it 2 ha.that wuld b
so wrong.then we went to broadway mall and came home and
then round 5 Karla(my beloved mentor since 7th grade)came
n got me and we went 2 friendlys and chilled n talked bout
evrythin as usual cuz shes my "big sis", my best frend.n-e
ways then we went 2 ritas and got italian ice's.we got the
mango one and it was soo good but i was kinda
dissappointed cuz the didnt hav coconut n i loooovvvvvve
coconut!afta that she dropped me off home n went 2 work
and i sat home n wondered how i was gonna get 2 church
since ian wasnt goin.i worried then my mom jus took me.she
picked me up earli like round 9 sumthin and they hadnt evn
started yet!so i was mad i had 2 stefanie drove
mom n i home (mom was shoppin wit ha while i was @ church)
and we got home n sat n the car n talked till 12:45 a.m.i
was so tired wen i got into the house!the next dai we had
a J.O.Y meetin wit da ladiez!that was good fun n good eats!
but thats anotha thats how i spent my frday b4
the vacate ended.hope ya liked(i hav such an excitin
life...yea rite) )*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_